In cold winter, what harm will low temperature cause to walk behind roller?

Low temperatures affect those properties of walk-behind rollers:

  1. The low temperature will make it difficult to start the engine of the walk-behind roller, which is caused by the high viscosity of the lubricating oil, the reduced working capacity of the battery and the poor atomization of the fuel.
walk behind roller
  1. The viscosity of the oil of the walk-behind roller will increase with the decrease of temperature, and the flow performance will become worse, which will affect the lubricating conditions of the engine and make the rotation resistance of the crankshaft large.
walk behind roller
  1. Under low temperature conditions, the viscosity of various oils increases, which reduces the fluidity, which brings difficulties to the operation of the walk behind roller, and will aggravate the wear of the parts.
  1. Freezing may occur during construction in cold seasons. For example, the cooling water of water-cooled engines will freeze and crack the radiator and cylinder block.
walk behind roller
The above phenomenon caused by low temperature tells us that when using walk behind roller in winter, we need to pay attention to timely replacement of lubricating oil, and regularly check the condition of walk behind roller, so as not to affect the use of small road rollers in construction.

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