What is the function of the old rod straightening machine

1.The role of the old rod straightening machine

Like the old bent steel bars scraped from disused buildings, old steel bars produced in factories, etc. In order to make better use of them, the old rod straightening machine is also called the waste rod straightening machine, the waste rod straightening machine, and the steel bar straightening cutting machine. The bent steel bars, old steel bars, waste steel bars, steel bars, etc. can be processed, straightened and reused.
In the general correction, the old steel rebar straightening machine industry has dropped more widely, corresponding to the larger decline of the old steel rebar in the market.
rod straightening machine

2.The configuration parameters of the old rod straightening machine are quoted and sold

1. The length of the object can be adjusted and cut at any length.
2. High work efficiency, large power, use of motor, reducer drive, large noise.
rod straightening machine
3. Small size and light weight, various diameter scrap rebar straightening machines, compact and reliable structure.
4. Good performance. The used rebar straightening machine adopts box-type closed structure and gears. It can operate continuously for more than one month after one refueling.
5. The function loss is small. Due to the conditions, the shaft end of the gear adopts bearings, which has low resistance. Compared with similar cutting machines, the power can be one-third.
rod straightening machine

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