What matters should be paid attention to before the operation of Weichai silent generator set?

Weichai silent generator set should check the following items before use:

  1. For the silent generator AC test project, all tests have been completed and qualified.
  2. All maintenance work should be completed before the silent generator starts, all work tickets should be taken back, all temporary safety measures should be removed, and the permanent barriers should be restored.
  3. The bearing lubricating oil system should be unblocked, the lubricating oil system and its transmission should be inspected and tested by the steam turbine installation department, and the bearing-to-ground insulation should not be lower than 1MΩ/KV.
  4. The test operation of the silent generator cooling system is in good condition.
  5. The resistance temperature measuring element of the silent generator, the resistance temperature measuring device and the thermometer have been connected and calibrated correctly, and the thermometers of all parts have been installed.
  6. The inspection test of the excitation circuit has been completed.

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(1) The circuit wiring is correct, and the de-excitation switch operates normally.
(2) The inspection test and adjustment of the automatic adjustment excitation device are completed.
(3) The contact between the brush and the slip ring is good, and the contact pressure of the brush is uniform.
(4) The rotor winding insulation can be carried out after disconnecting the thyristor rectifier. Use a 500V megger to shake the insulation resistance of not less than 0.5MΩ/KW.
  1. The wiring of protection, measurement, operation, signal and synchronous circuit should be complete and the inspection experiment is completed. The setting values of all protection devices should be selected correctly, and the switches with open circuit breaker contacts and automatic de-excitation switches should be tested.
  2. The safety, fire fighting, communication equipment and accident lighting equipment of the unit shall meet the operation requirements (including the silent generator fire extinguishing device).
  3. The phase sequence of the lead wire of the silent generator stator coil and the power grid should be correct.
  4. The silent generator stator frame should be reliably grounded, and the insulation of the stator winding should be measured with a 2500V megohmmeter at a level of not less than 1MΩ/KV. And the absorption ratio is not less than 1.3, and the difference from the previous measurement result should not be greater than 1/3 or 1/5.
  5. Before starting, the rotor should be rotated with a turning device to ensure that the rotating part is not stuck.
  6. The following equipment should be tested before starting the machine regularly or before and after overhaul

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(1) The main switch of the silent generator and the demagnetization switch are divided. Closing test and its linkage test.
(2) Chain test of the main valve of the turbine and the main switch of the silent generator.
  1. Check:
(1) The silent generator switch is in the off position, and the de-excitation switch is in the off position.
(2) The synchronous switch should be in the off position.
(3) Each indicator light. Signal lights are correct.
(4) The communication signal with the turbine and the accident sound test are normal
(5) The air cooler is out of service.
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After all the above work is normal, the silent generator is ready and can be put into operation.

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