Whether the service life of the laser screed flooring is long or not and whether the maintenance is in place

Correct operating procedures of laser screed flooring

  1. Clean up the laser screed flooring to remove all the debris that hinders the operation of the equipment and H-section steel, especially the welds that hinder the running of the section steel.
  2. Adjust the relevant positions of the upper frame according to the width and thickness of the corrected H-beam flange plate, so that the tunnel can meet the needs of the H-beam range. Note: When the thickness of the wing source plate exceeds 25mm, it generally needs to go back and forth for correction several times (between 1 and 2mm each time).
  3. Run the laser screed flooring in a dry run, and each transmission component must run smoothly without any abnormal phenomena such as jamming and overheating.
  4. Send the end of the H-beam into the straightening machine, stop the operation of the main drive roller, start the pressing motor according to the thickness of the wing plate and its deformation, and adjust the one-time pressing amount.
  5. Adjust the position of the guide roller according to the thickness of the web, the width of the wing and the longitudinal deformation in the length direction to ensure that the guide roller is not subject to excessive axial force.
  6. After the rectification channel and guide roller are adjusted, start the main drive roller, and the H-shaped steel walks in the channel to correct the deformation of the flange plate. When the equipment is working, it is necessary to strictly pay attention to safety. If a fault occurs, it should be stopped immediately for inspection, and the work can be resumed after the fault is eliminated.

laser screed flooringlaser screed flooring

Repair and maintenance of laser screed flooring

  1. Regularly check the joints of each moving part and the fixed part of the laser screed flooring. If any abnormal phenomenon is found, do a good job of tightening it.
  2. The laser leveler can only correct the welding deformation of the flange plate, but cannot correct the verticality of the web and the flange plate and the straightness of the H-beam.
  3. During the operation of the laser screed flooring, the pressing device must not be activated.
  4. During the working process, no one should stand at the inlet and outlet to avoid the impact of H-beam.
  5. The lifting and turning process of the work cannot be carried out on the track to avoid the workpiece slipping and damaging the laser screed flooring. The oil should be changed after one month of initial use of the cycloid reducer. It will be replaced every six months thereafter.

laser screed flooring

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