Nissan works with wire straightening and cutting machine

What is the specific cleaning work of the wire straightening and cutting machine?

wire straightening and cutting machinewire straightening and cutting machine

  1. The material rack and trough should be installed straight, and should be aligned with the center line of the wire barrel and the lower cutter hole; 1. A 1m long steel pipe should be installed in front of the wire barrel, and the steel bar should first pass through the steel pipe before being fed into the straightening barrel The guide hole at the front end; the inner diameter of the straightening die should be 2-4mm larger than the diameter of the steel bar to be adjusted, and the large mouth of the straightening die should face the direction in which the steel bar enters; the transmission speed should be selected according to the diameter of the steel bar, and the steel bar with a large diameter should be selected slowly It can only be sent after passing the debugging. Before feeding, the non-straight ends should be cut off before working.
  2. Other objects and tools cannot be placed on the wire straightening and cutting machine.
  3. Before working, turn the flywheel by hand, check the transmission mechanism and working device, adjust the clearance, tighten the bolts, and add grease to the rotating parts; after confirming that it is normal, run the idling test and check whether there is any abnormal noise in the bearing. Whether the gears are in good condition; start working after normal operation.
  4. When the straightening block is not fixed and the protective cover is not covered, the material cannot be fed; during the straightening process, it is strictly forbidden to open the protective cover to adjust the gap. The horizontal position of the transmission cannot be adjusted arbitrarily. Improper adjustment will cause the segment ribs to damage the machine in the wire straightening and cutting machine.
  5. When the steel bar is given to the person, the hand and the wheel should keep a distance and not be close to each other.
  6. When adjusting the steel bars at the end of each plate of steel bars, you should hold the casing to escort the steel bar knife wire barrel, so as to prevent the steel bars from freely swinging and hurting people.
  7. The wire rod should be stable on the rack; the rack should be placed at a distance of 5-8m from the mechanical distance.
  8. If there is any slow bending of the straightened steel bar, the offset of the straightening block can be gradually increased. until straightened. After cutting 3-4 steel bars, stop the wire straightening and cutting machine immediately to check its length, and adjust the positioning switch or the fixed-length plate when the allowable deviation is exceeded. The adjusted steel bars should be stacked separately according to grade, diameter, length and number for use.
  9. Maintenance work should be done in each shift, and first-level maintenance should be done after 700 hours of use. Mainly include: clean up the sundries and oil stains on the body; properly lubricate the moving parts; check the parts for wear, tear, and damage, and replace them;
  10. Machines and tools should be cleaned every day. In the process of operation, if any abnormality of the wire straightening and cutting machine is found, promptly notify the mechanic to repair it. Operators and unrelated operators are prohibited from dismantling and repairing without permission.

wire straightening and cutting machine

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