Wire straightening machine better

1.How to straighten the wire straightening machine better

Loosen all the wheels first, insert the steel bars, and then swap them. The wheels at both ends keep the steel in the center, and the middle one presses the steel bars into a curve. Start the test. If it is not straight, continue to swap until it is straight. Explain that if the feed roller is too loose or too tight, the steel bars will bend. This is all based on experience. If you are familiar with it, you will straighten it.
Another way is to first increase the speed by the motor through the belt drive, so that the straightening cylinder rotates at a high speed, the steel bars passing through the straightening cylinder are straightened, and the rust on the surface of the steel bars is removed by the straightening die;
Driven by the motor through another pair of reduction belts and gear reduction box, on the one hand, it drives the two conveying rollers to pull the steel bars to move forward, and on the other hand drives the crank wheel to move the hammer head up and down.
When the steel bar is adjusted to a predetermined length, the hammer head hits the upper tool post to cut the steel bar. When the cut steel bar falls into the receiving rack, the tool post returns to its original position due to the action of the spring, completing a cycle.

wire straightening machine

2.Regulations for the use of wire straightening machines

1) The installation of the wire straightening machine must be stable, and the trough of the material rack should be straight and aligned with the center line of the guide tube, straightening tube and the cutting hole of the lower knife. The motor must be equipped with reliable zero connection protection.
2) Select the straightening block and speed according to the diameter of the straightening steel bar. Straightening of steel bars shorter than 2m or greater than 9mm in diameter should be carried out at a low speed.
3) Before the straightening block is not fixed and the protective cover is not covered, the steel bars shall not be penetrated. It is strictly forbidden to open the protective cover and adjust the gap during operation. Operation with gloves is strictly prohibited.
wire straightening machine
4) Before feeding, the non-straight material head should be cut off, and a 1m long steel pipe should be installed in front of the guide tube. The steel bar must pass through the steel pipe and then be fed into the guide hole at the front end of the wire straightening machine. When the steel bar penetrates, the hand and the pressure roller must keep a certain distance.
5) Tools and objects are not allowed to be placed on the machine to avoid vibration falling into the body.
6) The rebars must be placed on the ring rack in a stable manner, and the machine must be stopped for processing when the wire is disordered or the rebar is off the rack.
7) The straightened steel bars must be divided into small bundles according to the specifications and the number of bars. Scattered steel bars should be cleaned up and stacked at any time.
wire straightening machine

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