What is the principle of concrete floor grinder

The principle of concrete floor grinder

The concrete floor grinder is controlled by a stepless speed regulation system, which can easily adjust the grinding speed suitable for grinding various parts. The closed-loop feedback of the electro-pneumatic proportional valve is adopted.
concrete floor grinder
Pressure control, the pressure device can be adjusted independently. The upper plate is equipped with a slow-down function, which can effectively prevent the breakage of thin and brittle workpieces. Through a time relay and a grinding counter, the grinding time and the number of grinding circles can be accurately set and controlled according to the processing requirements. When working, the pressure mode can be adjusted, and when the grinding set time or lap speed is reached, it will automatically stop and alarm, realizing semi-automatic operation.
A concrete floor grinder variable speed control method, the grinding process has three stages, namely the initial stage, the formal stage and the end stage, the concrete floor grinder tool rotates at an increasing speed in the initial stage, the concrete floor grinder tool rotates at a constant speed in the formal stage, and the concrete floor grinder tool rotates at a reduced speed in the end stage, and is characterized in that: At the beginning of the grinding process, the acceleration of the artificially controlled grinding wheel speed increases from zero to fast. When the grinding wheel speed rises to half of the official grinding speed, an inflection point appears in the acceleration change, and the acceleration of controlling the grinding wheel speed is increased by The maximum value decreases from fast to slow until the grinding wheel speed reaches the official grinding speed, and the acceleration of the grinding wheel speed drops to zero.
concrete floor grinder
Using this feature of fixed abrasive grinding, according to the relative motion trajectory density distribution between workpieces and abrasives, the abrasive density distribution on the abrasives is reasonably designed, so that the wear of the abrasives during the grinding process does not affect the surface accuracy of the abrasives , so as to significantly improve the surface accuracy of the workpiece, and avoid the trouble of dressing abrasive tools. In the plane fixed abrasive grinding, the rotational motion of the abrasive tool is the main motion, and the motion of the workpiece is the auxiliary motion. In most cases, the workpiece is floating and pressed on the grinding tool, and its motion law is unknown. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the force of the workpiece in order to obtain its force state and motion law. The workpiece is taken as the separation body of the whole grinding system, and the differential equation of the workpiece force balance is established, and the motion law of the workpiece can be obtained by solving the equation.
The main machine of the grinding machine is driven by a speed-regulating motor, equipped with a high-power deceleration system, soft start, soft stop, and runs smoothly. Through the upper and lower grinding discs, the sun gear, and the planetary gear during processing, the grinding motions in four directions and speeds are coordinated with each other, so as to achieve the efficient operation of concrete floor grinder the upper and lower surfaces at the same time. The lower grinding disc can be lifted and lowered to facilitate the loading and unloading of workpieces. Pneumatic sun gear changing device can precisely control the grinding precision and speed of both sides of the workpiece. A correction wheel is randomly equipped to correct the parallel error of the upper and lower grinding discs.
concrete floor grinder
The concrete floor grinder inherits the characteristics that the two processes of dispersion and concrete floor grinder of the basket mill are realized in one machine and one process, and can also be used as a disperser alone (when the dispersing disc is in the working position and the grinding basket is not lowered) . For the materials that need to be ground, the function of first dispersing and then grinding can be realized (when the grinding basket is lowered to the working position, the materials can be finely ground with high efficiency).

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