Detail description of CNC steel cage welding machine

The CNC steel cage welding machine adopts the servo control system, which solves the problem of the deformation of the steel cage body caused by the poor synchronization of the frequency conversion motor during the welding process of the steel cage, and realizes the one-time forming of the steel cage. The equipment has the advantages of fast welding speed and good quality, and is widely used in bridge construction and high-speed railway construction. So, next, I will give you a detailed introduction.
Reinforcement feeding mechanism: This mechanism is formed by connecting the material storage rack and multiple sets of sun rack mechanisms, which is convenient for feeding and can maintain the straightness of the main bar during welding of the steel bar. The feeding is relatively simple and convenient, and it can also improve the welding cage. quality.
Steel cage winding machine,steel cage welding machine
Winding rib straightening mechanism: fix the mechanism on the fixed plate to complete the straightening of the winding rib, so that the stirrup and the main rib are closely combined to ensure the forming quality of the welding cage. This mechanism can be adjusted up and down according to the diameter of the steel cage to meet the processing requirements of welding cages with different diameters.
Reinforcement synchronous rotating disc: It is composed of two sets of rotating discs: fixed disc and movable disc. The rotatable cross-bar, die ring, reinforced pipe and other structures are distributed on the reinforcement chassis of the turntable, which are used for fixing and traction of the main reinforcement of the reinforcement cage. Function, the moving plate adopts rack and pinion drive to ensure the stability of walking and accurate pitch.
Steel cage winding machine,steel cage welding machine
Cage dragging mechanism: Provides the mobile support of the steel cage welding machine, and the CNC steel cage welding machine is automatically controlled by the computer to ensure that the cage body is uniformly stressed and prevented from deformation. On the one hand, it can assist in the welding of steel cages and the hoisting of finished products, and on the other hand, it can reduce the labor intensity of workers.
Electronic control system: CNC steel cage welding machine adopts industrial plc control system, the input terminal is equipped with LCD touch screen, and the reserved length, tail flick length, thread pitch, number of winding turns and other data can be freely set, and there is no need to stop the setting and operation. Simple and convenient, high efficiency.
Steel cage winding machine,steel cage welding machine
The above is all the content I briefly introduced to you. I hope you can have a better understanding of it after reading it.

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