Every operator should know the common sense of vibratory walk behind rollers

Common knowledge of vibrating walk behind rollers

  1. The operator of the walk behind roller must hold a certificate to take up the post, and shall not leave the post without authorization during the work, and shall not operate the machinery that does not conform to the operation certificate.
  2. It is strictly forbidden for the operator to work after drinking, and it is strictly forbidden to hand the walk behind roller to those who do not have the operation certificate of the machine.
  3. The operator must strictly implement the inspection system before work, pay attention to observation during work and inspection and maintenance system after work in accordance with the regulations of the machine manual.
  4. Do not operate with overload, and do not operate with faults. If there is any problem in the operation of the walk-behind roller, it should be stopped immediately for inspection.
  5. When the walk behind roller is parked at the construction site, the parking brake should be pulled in the selected parking place. When parking on a ramp, use a triangular log or stone against the wheels. There should be a special person to take care of at night;
  6. During the operation period, non-construction personnel are strictly prohibited from entering the construction area, and construction personnel entering the construction site are strictly prohibited from chasing and making trouble.
  7. For machines with water-cooled engines, when the temperature is lower than 0 °C, water should be released in time after work, or other anti-freezing measures should be taken to prevent the body from freezing and cracking;
  8. When man and machine cooperate in construction, personnel are not allowed to stand on the working surface in front of the machine. They must stand outside the working surface of the machine. When the walk behind roller needs to manually clean the soil on the wheel, the labor should be behind the walk behind roller. For cleaning, it is strictly forbidden to retreat along the forward direction of the walk behind roller to prevent personal injury or death from tripping when retreating.

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