Features and characteristics of steel bar straightening machine

1. The equipment adopts gear transmission, reasonable configuration, stable characteristics, and simple actual operation safety.
2. The equipment is intelligently integrated, and can perform various practical operations of steel bar straightening, rust removal, and painting at one time. It saves time, energy, high efficiency, and environmental protection without damage to the lengthening of the steel bar.
steel bar machine Steel Bar straightening machine GT4-14S
3. The speed of mechanical equipment can be adjusted and the steel bars of φ48mm can be straightened separately.
4. The equipment is stable in operation, low in noise, and convenient to move.
5. Resolve 6-12m steel bars every hour, with a daily output of 15 tons, straighten up and down to restore the φ48mm scaffold steel bars bent during construction.

steel bar machine Steel Bar straightening machine GT4-14-100
1: Rocker type actual operating rod, quickly and lightly adjust the working pressure, the level of convenience is incomparable to the hydraulic steel bar straightening machine and the sorting screw adjusting machine.
2: No inner diameter gauge is needed, and complicated and perishable screw transformers are removed, making straightening easier and more convenient. Ensure the actual effect of straightening.
3: The emergency stop device can disconnect the switch power supply of the device in an instant, thereby maintaining the safety of the staff and the device
Straightening, rust removing and painting are performed at one time, which is multiple times the working efficiency of hydraulic press separate machine.
4: Tiger and lion mouth design scheme. Both sides of the entrance are lifted by the wheels on both sides. Improve the safety index of the steel bar straightening machine.
5: Quickly adjust the detachable rust removal system software. This system software is improved during the steel bar rust removal stage, and the range of the steel brush can be adjusted quickly. Considering the needs of various rust removal ranges, the steel brush can be quickly disassembled and installed after it is worn out. Change, further improve work efficiency.
Steel Bar straightening machine
6: Integrated ash conveying system software The control system design does not need to collect ash and remove waste, which not only ensures electricity and cost savings, but also greatly improves the operator’s office environment and labor efficiency.
7: Two six-meter steel bars are carried out in one minute (the equipment speed can be changed according to the specific situation)
8: Sixteen sets of steel brush rows and four sets of brush filter brush rows remove dust and rust in all directions at 360 degrees, neat and tidy.

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