How to Choose the Right Type of Road Roller

1.The importance of choosing the right Road Roller

Choosing the right type of roller for your construction project is important, as the wrong one can result in poor workmanship, pockets of air that’ll sink the structure or uneven spaces that can be dangerous.

2.Factors in choosing a road roller

Figuring out the right type of roller depends on a few factors. The first of which would be the length of the project. Depending on the length, sometimes it’ll be more cost-efficient to rent a roller than outright buying one.

You’re also going to have to figure out the type of soil that’s going to be compacted. Fine-grain sand will need a different roller than clay. Plus, if you’re laying asphalt, you’re going to have to figure out if it’ll be better to have a static or a vibratory roller.

Figuring out whether you need a smooth vs padfoot roller for your project might seem difficult at a glance, but learning about the two rollers (and others) can definitely help you pick the right type of roller for your construction project.

3.Advantages of road rollers

Rollers are great at improving and repairing surfaces, making them some of the most trustworthy heavy equipment you can use on a project. Understanding the benefits of each roller can make choosing the right one for your project simpler.

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