Detailed introduction of electric threading machine

The electric threading machine is mainly used for cold rolling. The cold rolling process is an advanced chip-free processing technology that uses rolling tools for extrusion. Rolling metal fibers is continuous, and the radial pressure generated by rolling can effectively improve the surface finish, hardness and strength of the workpiece, and improve the work efficiency several times or even dozens of times compared with chip processing, thereby saving materials and making it easier to achieve Automated processing.
electric threading machine
The electric threading machine is mainly composed of the main body, the side body, the power distribution box, the exchange gear box, the rolling system, the hydraulic system, the power system, the cooling system, etc.
(1) The main body is a box-shaped casting, on which the AB seat, the sliding seat, and the electrical control panel are installed flatly. There is an oil storage pool below for storing the coolant, and the electrical distribution board is installed on the left side of the cooling pool; another hydraulic station is installed .
(2) The side body is a frame-shaped casting, which is integrated with the main body by a screw structure, and the power distribution box, the main motor workpiece support angle, etc. are installed on it.
(3) Power distribution box: It is mainly installed with a gear and a shaft. The function of this box is to transmit power to the box from the main motor, and to transmit the power to the two wheel rods at a constant speed through the reducer. The middle of the box is a hollow gear shaft. To facilitate the passage of long workpieces.
(4) Transmission gearbox: The processing capacity is large, the transmission part adopts 400 type reducer, the transmission is lengthened, the twisting force is increased, the gear module and the output force are larger than the general gearbox.
electric threading machine
(5) Rolling system: It consists of a fixed seat, a sliding seat and a wheel-bar mechanism.
a. The fixed seat is divided into AB two, A seat is installed with a wheel rod seat to install the roller; B seat is installed with a spring drive mechanism and a sliding seat, the back position adjustment screw and the hydraulic pressure gauge switch.
b. The front of the sliding seat is equipped with a wheel-rod mechanism, and the rear is equipped with two oil cylinders. The bottom surface moves radially along the guide rails and retreats by the spring mechanism.
c. The wheel rod mechanism is mainly composed of a wheel rod seat and a wheel rod support seat. The wheel rod seat can be adjusted within a range of ±10°.
(6) Cooling system: The liquid is mainly sent to the nozzle by the electric pump through the pipeline. The nozzle can adjust the flow rate of the liquid. It is strictly forbidden to add too much cooling liquid. Motor, burn out the electric pump, the coolant can use No. 20 mechanical oil, add an appropriate amount of diesel.
electric threading machine

Product introduction of electric threading machine

The electric threading machine can perform rolling, straightening, rolling, reducing diameter and various forms of rolling.The electric threading machine tool has safe and reliable electro-hydraulic execution and control mechanism. The rolling work cycle can be selected between manual and automatic (users can provide their own rollers according to their needs).

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