Precautions for steel bending machine in abnormal operation

Steel bending machines should pay attention to the following points in abnormal operation:

  1. When operating, one end of the steel bar to be bent should be inserted into the gap of the consolidating pin of the turntable of the steel bending machine, and the other end should be close to the consolidating pin of the fuselage, and be pressed by hand. However, the operation can only be started when it is confirmed that the fuselage pin is placed on the side that blocks the rebar.
  2. It is forbidden to bend the steel bar that exceeds the diameter of the mechanical nameplate. When bending the steel bar that is not cold drawn or has rust, you must wear protective glasses. When bending low-alloy steel or non-ordinary steel bars, the maximum allowable diameter should be converted according to the mechanical rules, and the corresponding mandrel should be exchanged.
  3. Swapping the transmission gear of the steel bending machine can make the work plate get three different speeds. The speed rule selected according to the diameter of the steel bar is:

steel bending machine

(1) For steel bars with a diameter of less than 12mm, the fast can be selected.

(2) For steel bars with a diameter of 12 to 18 mm or less, you can choose the fast.

(3) For steel bars with a diameter of more than 18mm, fast can be selected.

steel bending machine

  1. Prevent the rebar that is not straight on the steel bending machine to prevent things from happening.
  2. No people are allowed to stand within the rotation radius of the twisted steel bars and on the side of the fuselage without a sturdy pin.
  3. When the working plate is reversed, it must be allowed to rotate after the previous steering has stopped.
  4. It is not allowed to exchange the mandrel, forming shaft or stopper shaft or variable stopper during operation. The diameter of the mandrel is 2.5 times the diameter of the steel bar. It is forbidden to refuel or wipe the machine during transportation.
  5. When there are many twists and turns of the steel bar, a shelf should be set up to support it, and a special person should help the steel bar.

steel bending machine

The above are some of the precautions for the abnormality of the steel bending machine during the use of the small series. If you want to know more, please continue to pay attention to us.

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