How to deal with the phenomenon of twisting of rod straightening machine

Nowadays, the existence of rod straightening machine has greatly improved the efficiency of steel bar processing, making the steel bar processing work very easy.

Although the continuous improvement and progress of the rod straightening machine makes the straightening and cutting of the steel bar more and more easy, and also makes the construction work related to the steel bar more and more efficient, the operators are operating the steel bar straightening. When the machine is used, there will be more or less problems caused by improper operation or operation errors. Among them, the twisting of the rod straightening machine is a relatively common and serious problem. What should the operator do if the steel bar is twisted when using the straightening machine? Today we will provide you with a scientific solution to understand it together.
rod straightening machine
Under normal circumstances, there are 4 common reasons why the steel bar appears to be twisted by the rod straightening machine.
First, the straightening wheel of the rod straightening machine does not rotate or the bearing is damaged. In view of the obstacles caused by this reason, it is recommended that the operator can use the lubricating oil to maintain the straightening wheel. If it is determined that the bearing is damaged, it is recommended to replace the bearing.
rod straightening machine
Second, the groove type selected by the feeding wheel is not suitable. This situation can be solved by changing the appropriate feeding wheel groove.
Third, the angle of the straightening wheel is too small, the operator can solve the problem by adjusting the angle of the straightening wheel according to the regulations in the instruction manual.
Fourth, when the straightening wheel is too tight, it will also cause serious twisting of the steel bar. Generally, it is necessary to loosen the straightening wheel and there will be no problem.
If the operator has serious steel bar twisting when using the rod straightening machine, the general reason is the above points. You can first find out what causes the problem, and then take the corresponding method to solve the problem. That’s it.
rod straightening machine
The reason for the twisting phenomenon of the rod straightening machine is the above four points. You can operate it according to the above. In addition, if you want to know more, please continue to pay attention to us.

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