Rod straightening machine replaces traditional manual processing of steel bars

With the development of society, rod straightening machines replace the traditional manual straightening of steel bars.

In recent years, as construction projects occupy a certain position in the national economy, strategic policies such as the Belt and Road Initiative have also greatly promoted the entry of large national buildings, industrial parks, and engineering projects into the market, and the scale of construction units has steadily increased.

rod straightening machine
But on the other hand, what the entire rod straightening machine manufacturing industry has encountered is: the overcapacity of steel production adjustment has made the period of “cabbage steel price” gone forever, the decline of the national human capital population has led to rising labor costs, and the traditional quality and output of hand-processed products cannot be guaranteed under the manual processing method… The contradiction between the increasingly prominent steel bar processing market scale and the lagging steel bar processing and production process implies that the change of the steel bar processing and production process is the general trend.
Steel and labor market prices are rising, and the quality of products on the ground and mountains of scrap are troubling. I think that in order to achieve intelligent production of steel bars, we have to change the methods and methods.
rod straightening machine
Now many people feel that steel sub-projects account for a large proportion of the project cost. If the profit of steel bars for each project increases by 1 point, it will be a huge wealth to the company.
With the development of the Internet of Things, intelligent control has gradually penetrated into the application of various industries, and the intelligence level of the rod straightening machine manufacturing industry is improving year by year. Various types of intelligent steel bar processing equipment are not uncommon. However, in the actual use process, we found that the intelligent rod straightening machine that cannot achieve the effects of automation, labor saving, material saving and space saving is a “hooligan”, because we want to obtain the real benefits of steel bar processing, which can be seen in the result of. Based on this, Shandong Zhongji Luyuan, who has many years of experience in the steel bar processing equipment manufacturing industry, has launched an intelligent steel bar sawing, cutting and bushing grinding production line that can truly realize one-person operation.
In the traditional manual processing method, manpower is required to saw the steel bars to the specified length, which is prone to errors; the sawed steel bars need at least 2 people to carry them for threading, the work intensity is very high, and the workers are easily fatigued; The finished steel bars need to be polished manually with a hand-held machine, which is prone to safety accidents; considering the entire processing process, it is found that it requires a lot of manpower and material resources, which is very prone to safety accidents, and the production efficiency is very low. In the processing process of the intelligent steel bar sawing and threading production line, only one key is needed to feed the material, and the system will automatically saw the steel bars according to the set requirements, cut, thread, and polish the steel bars according to the set size, and directly produce the finished product. The whole process only needs 1 Personal, save labor.
rod straightening machine
In recent years, there have been many news reports about construction safety accidents. Safety is more important than Mount Tai, and product quality assurance is the responsibility of every construction worker. Just look at the various factors that endanger the quality of engineering construction: rod straightening machines, people only see the randomness of manual processing, and there is no way to guarantee product quality problems and other unoptimistic hidden dangers. Only by implementing intelligent steel bar processing equipment can a strong quality control support system be established and improved.

From this point of view, the rod straightening machine industry still has a long way to go in the future, but due to its intelligence and efficiency, it will replace traditional manual processing sooner or later.

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