Introduction to the performance and working conditions of walk-behind rollers?

Performance of walk-behind rollers

  1. Original hydraulic element drive, hydraulic two-wheel drive, stepless speed change; electronically controlled vibration; flexible and light operation
  2. Large excitation force and high compaction efficiency
  3. Front wheel hydraulic steering is suitable for narrow construction sites and compaction of curves
  4. Equipped with optional flatbed trailer for easy construction conversion
  5. Optional domestic or imported engine (diesel engine or gasoline engine)
walk-behind rollers

The scope of use of walk-behind rollers:

Compaction and repair of base layers and asphalt surfaces in narrow sites such as roads, trenches, county and township roads, parking lots, etc.
walk-behind rollers

Walk-behind road roller working conditions:

  1. Layered compaction of cement stabilized layer
  2. Compaction of asphalt concrete at the edges of trenches and corners
  3. When backfilling structures such as pipes, culverts, abutments, etc., compaction work in areas where large-scale walk-behind rollers cannot work
  4. Pavement pavement pavement compaction for sidewalks
  5. The construction area is narrow and the construction site is sensitive to the weight of the compaction equipment

walk-behind rollers

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