What are the advantages of small road rollers?

Advantages of small road rollers

Small road rollers are mainly used for foundation compression. While the integration of urban and rural areas is advancing, the construction of highway projects is also developing in a more professional and refined direction. Foundation engineering projects often require large, medium and small uses and the cooperation of different types of machinery and equipment. (such as bulldozers, road rollers, packaging machines, etc.).
small road rollers
Small road rollers are suitable for road construction with small areas, or roads that are less likely to turn. Due to the mysterious figure of small road rollers, it is a good helper on our daily construction roads. Large road rollers cannot enter, so we need to use our small road rollers. It has a small investment and a small project, but with many structures, it can meet the construction needs and successfully steal the limelight of large-scale road rollers. Next, the editor will talk about the advantages of small road rollers.

The advantages of small road rollers are mainly reflected in the following six aspects:

First of all, the cost of small road rollers is much cheaper than that of large road rollers, that is to say, it is economical and practical, so it can be called “good quality and low price”.
small road rollers
Secondly, small road rollers can enter relatively narrow construction sites at will, which is not available and irreplaceable for large road rollers, so it can be called a “monopoly advantage”.
Third, it has a simple structure and a small footprint, which is very effective in both use and storage, so it can be called the “portable advantage”.
Fourth, the production is very fine, usually the appearance is sprayed, it is not easy to rust, and the life is greatly extended, which can be called “from utilization to advantage”.
Fifth, the small road roller is easy to operate, the whole machine itself is relatively light, and the operation is very convenient. As long as operators with relevant knowledge can operate, it is called “fool’s advantage”;
small road rollers
Sixth, it is easy to maintain, and the structure of the whole small road roller is simple. Because it is very simple to eliminate some faults or maintain the small road roller. Therefore, it is called “easy maintenance type advantage”.

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