What Is laser concrete leveling machine?Let me introduce the laser concrete leveling machine

The concrete laser concrete leveling machine is mainly used for paving concrete for engineering buildings. It mainly uses the laser transmitter and the leveling machine to complete the leveling, vibrating, and leveling work of the whole concrete. The machine uses a squeegee to take the raised shovel and initially level it to meet the design requirements. The hydraulically driven vibration motor generates vibration at a frequency of 4000 times per minute, which drives the entire vibrating plate to vibrate together. The concrete laser concrete leveling machine has a construction width of 2.5-3 meters.
laser concrete leveling machine

2.Working Principle of Concrete laser concrete leveling machine:

The machine is divided into a hand-held type and a seat type. The principle of the laser concrete leveling machine is to rely on the gasoline generator to generate electricity. The electric drive laser measurement and control system, the computer control system, and the servo drive system use the leveling head to complete the leveling work. The whole machine is composed of the fuselage and the leveling head. The flat is mainly completed by the flattening head part, which includes: a scraper, a vibrating unit, a vibrating plate, a laser receiver, and the like. The instruments used with the machine are laser emitters, hand-held laser receivers, etc.
laser concrete leveling machine

3.Features of Laser Concrete Leveling Machine:

  1. Use high accuracy laser device, close-loop control technology, and precision integrated hydraulic system, and microcomputer automatic control.
  2. Screed assembly is hydraulically controlled. Integrated with a laser system and computer control system, the machine will self-level and finish the screeding work with high efficiency.
  3. The Laser transmitter which measures the elevation is independent, located, so there is no worry about the accumulative error. Compared with the traditional way, the construction joints will be greatly reduced, so the maintenance cost and slab use will be down greatly.
  4. The flat and dual slope can be fully automatic controlled by the transmitter. For the complex floor which has a high requirement for drainage, the 3-D floor processing system can be used.
  5. The forward-seated operation can widen operator vision, reduce the labor intensity and improve working efficiency
  6. The steering, forward, and reverse of the machine are all controlled by integrated handles. Operation buttons and controllers which are located on one side of the seat, are user-friendly.
  7. The machine with a solid puncture-proof tire can do the screeding on the mat reinforcement.
  8. The high-pressure cleaning system, can easily remove the concrete on the machine to ensure normal use and prolong the service life.

laser concrete leveling machine

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