Working principle of steel bar straightening machine

1. Working principle of steel bar straightening machine one

The rebar rack, the steel bars that need to be straightened, are wound on it. After the steel bar comes out of the pan frame, it enters the straightening cylinder of steel bar straightening machine, and adjusts the adjusting screw of the straightening block appropriately, and fastens the straightening block in different biased positions, so as to straighten the steel bars of different specifications or different properties.
The straightening plan includes Gaussian curve type, sine curve type and cosine curve type, which are respectively suitable for steel bars with different diameters and different yield strengths. After straightening multiple rebars, the straightening block will wear out. At this moment, the offset should be compensated to ensure the straightening effect.
Steel Bar straightening machine

2.Working principle of steel bar straightening machine Two

The main transmission box of the steel bar straightening machine and the traction pressure roller, the transmission box is organized by mechanical deceleration to reduce the motor speed, and drive the active pressure roller (upper pressure roller) to rotate.
When loading the material, roll a migraine handle to lift the upper pressure roller, pass the steel bar through the V-shaped groove between the upper pressure roller and the lower pressure roller (passive pressure roller), and then roll the migraine handle in the opposite direction to make the upper The pressure roller is lowered, and the upper and lower pressure rollers are in a state of clamping the steel bars.
Steel Bar straightening machine
The material is pressed between the two pressure rollers, and the strength of the adjusted steel bar depends on the clamping force between the pressures. A tension spring is connected to the connecting rod mechanically connected to the upper pressure roller. The tension spring applies pressure to the upper pressure roller. The traction force of the pressure roller is proportional to the pressure. Therefore, different tensions should be selected for steel bars of different diameters and materials.
Spring pressure, and then better hold and pull the rebar. At the same time, in order to prevent continuous cutting during shearing, when the steel bar is stopped by the top, there should be obvious slippage between the steel bar and the pressure roller. Therefore, the adjustment of the tension spring pressure is the key to the normal operation of the steel bar straightening machine.
Steel Bar straightening machine

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